No need to Look at the Clock in my Studio (Its whatever it takes to get it right)

Mac Recording Studio

Music Recording Studio

Sarnia ON.

(Make your Dreams a Reality)

Dave McArdle  (MAC)


Mac recording

"Music is Fuel for the Soul"

(Bring your Projects to the MAC'S )

MACRECORDING STUDIO   in SARNIA. -Sound design, mixing and production has always been my passion.

- Music is what I know, do, and love. 

 - I have performed in numerous local Rockbands.

-Wedding Singer for 25 yrs.

-Created The Sarnia Song.

-Write and produce my own music.

-Singer and Keyboard player. 

-The new digital\analog age has allowed me to open a fully functional professional home recording facility in my own home, in a quiet, relaxed ,fun atmosphere. 

-This Studio is for all ages and genre of music.

-I can also help you finish your songs as well.

-Bands, Soloists, Duets, Choirs and  anyone who loves music.

- Demo,s/Voice Overs/Vocal Tuning/Karoke/Video,s

Make your Music Dream a Reality.

-Sing your favorite Karoke song/songs and transform them into an original, professional sounding CD.

-You Tube Video Editing and Production also available.

I will help you bring your projects to the MAX!! 

You just might have that next HIT Song.

  A Budget to suit everyone.

Come and have some Fun.

Music is "FUEL for the SOUL"

(519) 331-3560   

Dave McArdle  (MAC)

Dave McArdle  (MAC)

(519) 331-3560


MAC Specs/ Equipment

Processing System/ DAW

  • Intel I7 Processor 7700K 
  • 32g ram
  • Studio One 4 Professional 64 bit
  • Behringer x32 Producer 
  • VLA Stereo Comp
  • Crown 1500 Amp
  • Furman Power Conditioner
  • Sound Proof and Sound Treated Main and Isolation Rooms. 
  • (Full HVAC controlled for your comfort)
  • KH 120 Neumann -Nearfields
  • Bose 301 -Reference
  • Polk Audio A3 -Reference
  • Pro Audio X440 -Reference
  • Sony PSYC -Reference


  • 4 piece Rolland V-Drums 
  • (Double Kick)(Mesh Heads)
  • Alesis SR 16 (Stereo Drum Machine)


  • Yamaha Motif XS8 (WorksStation)
  • Original Korg Triton (WorkStation)
  • Rolland D-50 Synth.
  • Yamaha P115 Digital Piano
  • MicroKorg Vocoder
  • Rolland P60
  • All Keyboards USB Controlled.

GUITARS & AMPS  (available for use)

  • Ibanez RG series
  • Washburn HM 20V Tour edition
  • Washburn T24 Bass
  • Taylor 210E Accustic
  • Fender Mustang 3 (Modeling amp)
  • Fender Rumble 75watt Bass amp
  • Yorkville 200kb Keyboard amp
  • Marshall 100fx (stack)
  • Fender Pro Junior
  • VOX AC 15
  • BOSS ME-80 Guitar Processor


  • Neumann TLM 103              Shure SM7b         AT 4033a    
  • Blue spark          AKG C1000S                SH MD 421  (orig)              
  • Rode NT1a       Rode M5 (St pair )      5 -SM 57     2-SM 58
  • Octiva MK 012 (St Pair )     EV PL  76     APEX 460
  • AT 4040  (St Pair)       MXL 990        Ber C1        ART M3


Music recording





A/V Editing

Voice Overs



Radio Commercials

Assisted Song Writing

Music recording Studio


Resources for IPad, Iphone controled mixes.

(Control your own Mix)


Slate Digital  

Sound Toys  

Native Instruments  


Plugin Alliance



Fab Filter

XLN Audio


IK Multimedia

Ample Sound

Soft Tube


(To name a few)


 3  Sennheiser HD 280 Pro  

 2   Shure 840  

2 Sony MDR-V-500  

   Yamaha RH 5MA  

2  Sony MDR 7506

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Music is my Breath and Passion.

I will create a Unique and Quality sounding product for all your project needs.

Give me a call or Email Anytime.

Mac Recording Studio

545 Valleyfield Dr, Sarnia, Ontario N7V 2P7, Canada



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